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This time that moves and has moved


I'm writing this sat on my bed,

in my room of almost three-days

on the particularly straight line that is Borgmester Jensens Allé, Copenhagen.


The window is open a couple of inches into the night,

and there's a low whisper from the road outside. The shrill engine of an occasional motorbike. 

The wall feels confident behind my back, and the covers gentle in their wrinkling. 

I think of you,

of the surfaces supporting you

the light that illuminates your face blue and the sensations that run and dance in you while you read.

It's been one year from our performance at Chisenhale dance space, and I want to say a renewed thank you to everyone who supported the process and realisation of Soft fruit punch. It is a project still very close to me - and one with fingers that continue to reach and spread despite this difficult year we’ve shared. 


We still hold one another, dear. In heart if not in body. 

Having come to the end of the first phase of the project, the work of development is now underway - searching for gaps, holes and openings this piece can spill into and continue its exploration - of touch and softness and a more engaged practice of love - in the constantly shifting extremes of this current moment.

How do we continue to reach one another 

Where does our touch begin and stop

How do we breathe together and move openly forwards with softness

Do we still melt.

Things slide and slide and continue. We sit on the tumbling beach and laugh nervously, thumbing stones smooth.

Time follows.


If you would like to continue your journey with Soft fruit punch - to reach back towards it as it grows and morphs and hear things from time to time - please write your name and email (confidentially) at the link below

It's not a newsletter or regular mail out, more an open window where things might land or flutter in once in a while.


Fingers and community. 

Be well and take care - until our paths cross again


Header image by Christa Holka. 

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