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Please hold me. Fall into me, until we’re nothing but pulp, seed and shining juices. All and all, todo y todo. Sweet fearless mush.  


A new intergenerational performance piece about the practice of love, intimacy and touch by Rob Hesp and collaborators. Both ritual and dance, Soft fruit punch invites you to melt. To breathe together and share deep internal vibrations. To peel back the toughened membranes of patriarchal violence and trauma and open the delicate and tender flesh underneath. 


This is a piece for fathers and sons, brothers, boyfriends, sissys, uncles, grandfathers, femmes, friends, sisters and mothers. 

Soft fruit punch made in collaboration with José Tomás, Lavinia Co-op and Nicol Parkinson.


Performed by José Tomás, Lavinia Co-op, Nicol Parkinson and Rob Hesp. 

Soft fruit punch was performed at Chisenhale Dance Space, London, September 27th 2019 7.30pm 

Material in development was also shown at Dover Pride, 31st August, 2019.


Images from dress rehearsal (above and below) by Christa Holka. Header image by Anna Lowry.

Research and development supported by Future Foundry, Dover, Metal Peterborough and Candoco dance company. 

Created using public funding by Arts Council England, and donations via Kickstarter.

With thanks to generous supporters 

Ro, Javier de Andres González, Peter Jacobs, Alexandra Campbell, Asha Bramwell, Raquel Jiminez, Lucy Mann, Alexandra Boyd, Tom Chinda-Coutts, Alis Kyurkchieva, José Antonio de Andres, Shane Shay Shay Konno, Chloë Smith, Caitlyn Blackley, Kathleen Duggleby, David Mayers, Celia González, Luke Pell and Lily Cotelo. 

Image by Anna Lowry.jpg
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