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Python is a new action choreography - a group performance work, about our cyclical draw towards conflict and violence and attempts at peaceful resolution. 


Python presents a community in crisis, a collection of bodies moving with passion, with anger, with attempts to let go of fear and conflict and find better ways to be with one another. 

Coming together, to come together. To re-unite under new terms, renewed conditions and compassionate soft horizons.

Python was first presented as a work-in-progress at Dansekapellet, København on Friday 4th November 2022.


It will be presented at Teater Momentum, June 15th 2024 with a new volunteer ensemble cast.  

Choreographed by Rob Hesp.

Music composed by Samuel D. Loveless

Performers (Dansekapellet, København): Celeste Borchorst Faurschou, Filippa Fjord Francke, Klelia Rantou, Katrine Andersen, Joachim Ballegaard, Liva Lykke, Nynne Theodora Overvold, Rocío Alonso, Sara Montanari, Sebastian Jonasen, Sigrid Rodian Poulsen and Sofie Richoff

With thanks to Ania Varez, Jay Bautista, James Healey, Oberon Rhys and Matt Mead for their work in the early research process. 

Header and footer images by Rob Hesp.

Second image by Nina Parsons. 

Film (trailer) and production stills (below) by Nicolai Vesthammer. 

For more information on the project or for future bookings please contact Rob directly at

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