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In shallow light

or suddy water,

in the eye of the other

and pooling self



A site of attempted rebirth. Of retreat and healing. The need for more than a vessel. The desire to return. To vanish and slip beneath the glass.

Reanimating the classical figure of the nude bather, Bathe functions as part performance installation – part participatory experience, creating a shared liminal space; a body of water and light in which self can be lost or compounded. A choreography of both privacy and visibility, Bathe invites you to soak or observe as part of a durational communal experience.


Images by Lucrezia Chiarle and Julia Bauer, supported by Tempting Failure. 

Thanks to all current participants and Tempting Failure.

Bathe made its UK debut at festival of international performance art and noise art Tempting Failure  London 29th July 2016, Hackney Showroom.

Light and sound by Jessica Barter.

Bathe Image 1.jpg
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