I only exist between your teeth, milk flowing

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Between teeth.png


the flies lined the bowl, drawn to the

sharp tang of wine 

gripped by thirst

and now  

stillness, without. 

This small and dark crust, dead                      country



and moving with


she goes

to collect flowers from the road side

her dress unzipped and her feet bare against the pavement 



your milk tastes

sour today, and yesterday it barely had any taste at all

as though you no longer want me to find any   pleasure     in                   consuming                it 

resent me coaxing it from your body

you make me a thief

but            you            see 

I love the way thievery feels 

in the creases 

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Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 22.32.30.png

Performance for camera - presented online at Performance N' Tha, Spill yer tea #5 August 2021

Performance research images created in collaboration with Anna Sofie Keller.