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“Be like water, my friend” – Bruce Lee

Make Me Wet is a series of performed explorations created to challenge and probe the ways human beings use and abuse water.

It’s a reaction to spitting in the street. To disengagement. To drought, privatisation, and the 70% of each human being. With provocations from all areas of water’s political landscape we hope to reinvigorate the audience’s relationship with the element in a 30 minute slip and slide.

Bringing together a mermaid, multicultural corporation CEOs, and pair of misplaced poncho-people, the piece is as much a poignant exploration of human interconnectivity as it is an ode to water sports of the wrong kind.


Boldly combining elements of political commentary with the absurd and ridiculous Make Me Wet is the debut piece of performance art pseudo-sibling duo Miau Vartiainen and Rob Hesp.


Images by Zac Pointon.

‘ …a fountain of water-based physical theatre from Robert Hesp and Miau Vartiainen in a piece

called Make Me Wet which takes the ice bucket challenge to the ultimate…funny, thoughtful,

sexy, shocking, provocative…all this and more’

– Graham Watts, Dance Writer/Critic, Chairman of Critics Circle Dance Section in UK

Frisky and very very charming’ – Audience member, PAB Bergen

Unresolved Festival at the Ophelia, Dalston                      

12th September 2014

GOLive Lab at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Kentish Town

13th September 2014


DICE Festival at the Rose Lipman Building, Haggerston      

11th June 2015


Steakhouse Live at LATITUDE FESTIVAL – Pour me a fresh one                  

16th July 2015


Performance Art Bergen, Norway

5th September 2015


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