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Thoughts about size, notes on anal


The problem of the monster isn't limited to its size 

but includes the voracity and deftness of its handling.

The temperament of its master as they create space 

cavernous enough to house. 


Threat of destruction both exciting and worrisome

the image of scrambled organs and wide open gait 

as you step gingerly along the path to the dinner hall

wincing tales of your meet in every pound shifted


Its a strange sort of thing to make excuses for,

the narrowness of ones interior spaces.

For all other purposes functional and forgotten 

but suddenly lacking, a ring of glass not rubber. 


As always the fear lies not in the small head 

but in the larger one behind

The shadow of stumbling ego and brute sensibility

trust to open yourself to his mercy(less) throw


Perhaps I’d find more willing if his promises to destroy

were replaced with ones of care.

Understanding that the shared goal was pleasure 

and not ownership, defeat.


For I am neither whirlpool nor mythic beast,

no many headed Scylla to swallow men and great ship.

Only a series of pathways and clustered cells, nervous

mortal substance dreaming of becoming infinite.

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